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Orchids bouquet

Be aware! If a vase is shown in the image above, it is not included, but can be purchased separately. Bouquet will be decorated and packaged properly.

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Content: Orchids(9)
Content: Orchids(13)
Content: Orchids(19)


  • Raffaello

  • Soft toy

  • Vase

  • Sparkling wine


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Dendrobium orchid bouquet in white and purple tones indicate sophisticated elegance and exotic accents specific of Thailand.

Tips to extend the vase life of flowers in mixed bouquet:

a. Make sure the vase is clean;
b. Use cold water and add nutrients(if available) to flowers;
c. Remove all leaves that are below the water level in the vase;
d Cut obliquely at least 2 cm from each stem of flowers;
e. Avoid placing the bouquet in direct sunlight or air conditioners and place the vase with flowers in a cool place away from electronic devices;
f. Remove from the bouquet the flowers that you noticed they start to wilt.
One or more types of flowers that are part of the bunch have a normal annual low availability. For this reason please contact us before ordering, in order to confirm the possibility of delivery.d

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